Author: Pam Krueger

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How is Social Security’s mistake my fault?

If you haven’t already heard, Social Security is in the process of “clawing back” more than $21 billion of benefits it mistakenly sent out to retirees and disabled people over the last 40 years because of its own inaccurate calculations.  Continue reading on Wealthramp - If you’re interested in learning more about what’s happening and […]

Investing 101
Financial Advisor vs. Financial Coach: Which is Best?

Managing finances is more than just crunching numbers – it’s about crafting a stable future that can support your dreams and ambitions. Imagine living stress-free, knowing your parents are well-cared for in their twilight years, your kids have a solid footing for their higher education, and your smart investments are creating a legacy. Continue reading on […]

Investing 101
It’s time to stop calling brokers ‘financial advisors’

Recently, Beverley Schottenstein won a $19 million fraud ruling against JP Morgan, a rarity in the industry as many people don't have the resources to take brokerage firms to task. That's because the system is designed this way – and years of half-hearted reforms have done little to protect consumers from harm. Unfortunately, the Schottenstein […]


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