Pam Krueger, Terry Savage and PBS’s Rich Eisenberg launch new “Friends Talk Money” podcast and talk about financial advisors

Pam Krueger / 
October 21, 2019

I’m one of the “Friends.” My two other Friends: syndicated personal finance columnist Terry Savage (author of The Savage Truth on Money; a new edition will be out next month) and Richard Eisenberg senior editor at PBS’s Next Avenue.

Whatever life after 50 looks like to you, thinking about money in retirement shouldn’t keep you up at night. We’re all dealing with the big questions about money and aging: How much you can really spend, how to invest your life savings without risking it all in the stock market, and should you sell your home and downsize? Then there’s the biggest unknown: how to find a financial advisor you can trust?

Money is personal. These topics may not be easy to talk about with your own family. That’s why nationally known personal finance experts Terry Savage, Richard Eisenberg, and I and are here to open up the dialogue so you can learn how to define your retirement and deal with your money on your own terms.

Tune in and subscribe! Episode one will help you understand what really fiduciary means!

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