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In this one-hour special, Pam Krueger and co-host Jack Gallagher pull back the veil on the opaque world of professional financial advice to show consumers, especially those approaching retirement, the power they now have to control their own future.

MoneyTrack, Money for Life asks the four key questions every person who wants a secure retirement needs to have the answers to:

Can I really afford to stop working?

It’s important to have a full grasp on your where you stand right now financially, but do you have a cash-flow plan for the rest of your life? What is your attitude toward investing and toward the whole idea of retirement? Pam and Jack discuss the things you can control and tell you exactly how to avoid bad advice at this critical point in life.

Do I want to invest all on my own?

The Internet has opened the vaults of investment and finance know-how for everyone to access. But with this vast amount of information now available for free at everyone’s fingertips, it can quickly become overwhelming, and ever more critical to harvest the truth from the hype. Just because you can do all your own investing online, doesn’t mean you should.

Who can I trust for financial advice?

Most individual investors want some financial advice, or collaboration with an expert– especially for their most serious money. In 2018, the Depart of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule that would have required all financial advisors to act in their clients best interest was killed. What most people don’t realize is, while the rule may be dead, the fiduciary standard is still alive and well. Learn from highly-regarded guest experts how to vet financial advisors—and ensure they adhere to the highest fiduciary standards.

What’s in my power to control?

Some of what happens to us financially is in our own control, other things are not. You’ll hear the moving personal story of a woman whose voice is familiar to millions of people all over the world. Her startling financial journey will inspire you to take control of your own destiny.

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Pam Krueger


Jack Gallagher

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Saturday, January 5th – 7pm on WFYI-TV, Indianapolis
Sunday, January 6th — 9:30am on KWCM-TV, Minneapolis
Sunday, January 6th – 9:30am on KSMN-TV, Sioux Falls, SD
Sunday, January 6th – 9pm on WEFS-TV, Orlando
Sunday, January 6th – 6pm on KVCR-TV, Los Angeles
Monday, January 7th – midnight on WNY-TV, Buffalo, New York City
Monday, January 7th – midnight on WNYE-TV, New York
Wednesday, January 9th – 12:30pm on WNIN-TV, Evansville
Sunday, January 13th – 11:30am on WIPB-TV, Indianapolis
Sunday, January 13th – 1pm on WITF-TV, Harrisburg
Wednesday, January 16th –1pm on KLRN-TV, San Antonio
Thursday, January 17th – 4:30pm on KLRN-TV, San Antonio
Saturday, January 19th – 5pm on KLRN-TV, San Antonio
Tuesday, January 29th – 7am on KENW-TV, Albuquerque
Sunday, March 3rd – 12pm on KBDI-TV, Colorado
Thursday, March 14th – 7pm on CPTV, Connecticut
Tuesday, March 26th – 11pm on WGVU-TV, Grand Rapids
Sunday, April 7th – 6pm on WKOP-TV, Knoxville
Wednesday, April 10th – 6:30pm on WYIN-TV, Chicago
Thursday, April 11th – 4pm on KLVX-TV, Las Vegas
Saturday, April 13th – 3pm on KLVX-TV, Las Vegas
Sunday, April 14th – 9am on KTTZ-TV, Lubbock
Sunday, April 28th – 4:30pm on KUFM-TV, Missoula
Sunday, April 28th – 4:30pm on KUKL-TV, Missoula
Sunday, April 28th – 4:30pm on KBGS-TV, Billings
Sunday, April 28th – 4:30pm on KUSM-TV, Butte-Bozeman
Sunday, April 28th – 4:30pm on KUGF-TV, Great Falls
Sunday, April 28th – 4:30pm on KUHM-TV, Helena
Sunday, May 19th – 3pm on KPJK-TV, San Francisco

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You deserve truly unbiased Financial Advice that is in your best interest... especially at this critical point in life.

Pam Krueger


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